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"I've been in the Park Hill School District for more than 30 years — first as a student, and a single mom with two daughters. I've been an active and involved parent during their school activities, served as Vice President of the band club and worked as part of the PTA. My professional background is in education and healthcare, and I currently work as a supervisor for three urgent care clinic locations in the KC area. I'm deeply committed to helping our district plan for our future, and be better equipped to deal with the issues we face today. "READ MORE 

Responsible & Equitable Infrastructure 


Like many parents, I've watched our district expand and develop much-needed new schools. But I've also seen our older buildings and facilities get left behind, and suffer at the expense of poor planning. We need a more disciplined and fiscally responsible approach for how we will tackle the significant renovations that are long overdue in our older facilities. We also need to be equipped for the anticipated growth in early childhood learning needs and population expansion in the western part of our district.  

Students Prepared for Life


Successfully preparing our students for the next stage in their lives, whether it be the following grade, graduation, trade school, workforce, public service or college, is the single most important job we have. For some students, high school is the final stop in their standardized education journey. We need to better prepare our graduates—not only academically, but also to become accountable, self-sufficient and culturally adept citizens who are equipped for real-life challenges.   

Leadership & Discipline Transparency


No question, we've had a challenging few years — with redistricting, closures due to the pandemic, online learning, crumbling infrastructure in our older schools, negative headlines and other incidents. Our students, parents, teachers, staff and Park Hill community deserve transparency from our board and district administration. We need to improve our communication and community understanding on why and how decisions are made. 

We need to approach student discipline with consistency, grace and education in mind, and make expulsion an absolutely last resort — once all other options are exhausted.

Diverse Teachers & Curriculum


All students — not just students of color — benefit when they have access to diverse teachers, staff and leadership. This results in better test scores, improved graduation rates and better academic performances. Similarly, our students are better prepared when they have access to voices across many cultures and life experiences in our curriculum. 

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